RiversideAbstract, LLC


Professional Title Abstractors

Time Honored Techniques meet
High-Tech Capabilities



Riverside Abstract is a professional title abstract company serving
Mercer County and Burlington County, New Jersey.

Brian Getts launched the company in 1991, after more than a decade of training at John F. Getts, Inc. an Agent for Lawyers Title.

John F. Getts, Sr. started in the Title Insurance industry in 1953. He soon learned that expert title
searching was key to issuing good policies and developed his own title search division.
His sons quickly learned to follow in their father's footsteps.

Riverside Abstract feels that Mr. Getts' philosophy is relevant over fifty years later.
Quality, concise and complete title searching is still an essential service needed by
Title Companies and Real Estate Lawyers.

Our searchers have all been trained using the general principles Mr. Getts layed down years ago, while incorporating the advantages the computer age has brought to the industry. With over fifty years worth of experience and back title there is no search too complicated or intricate for Riverside Abstract.

Quality, Concise, Complete Title Searches
Delivered on Time.

Phone us at the  Court House: (609) 393-7004
Cell phone 609-923-3206
Fax orders, mtg. checks, rudowns, etc. to: (856) 824-9163
Email inquiries to: info@riversideabstract.com